Left, Right, Reason

buy careprost online devise Left or right, following the news has grown challenging. Bias and sensationalism are murky, but data is clear.

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Current Politics

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Popular Myths

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US Policy

https://www.tarbatu.ee/96008-synthroid-price-walmart.html Discussion on the domestic front

College Campuses

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Full Article Don’t take my word for it. Read our recent articles and data to make your decision!

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read the full info here I moved to Colorado at the age of 18 to pursue an accounting degree at the University of Colorado Boulder. But, even through four years of riveting accounting, I could not shake an interest for politics. Thus, the Left, Right, Reason blog was started.

Zach Blake

The Goal


Truth is difficult to grasp, but evidence can help


Arguments through logic, not bias


Nobody is perfect, and we are open to changing


The best way to learn is through talking

Questions, Comments, Concerns

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